The Piano Guys

A review by Rockhampton teacher, Christina Bond.


“I was very excited to receive The Piano Guys Simplified Favorites: Vol 1 (Easy Piano/Optional Cello) book in the mail and sat down to play it straight away.

On playing through the pieces, I was impressed that although the arrangements were simplified, they did not sound markedly different from what you hear on the recordings.

The piano parts are written in a way that they can be played and enjoyed on their own but are enhanced even further with the cello part added.

I tested the book out with the string teacher at school and we were quickly able to sight read and play the entire book, much to the surprise and entertainment of the students passing by the piano room.

Even though it is described as “Easy Piano” I personally would reserve assigning these pieces until the student has reached a Grade 2/3 level AMEB and after discussion with our school string teacher, she suggested the cello part included with the arrangements would also be a similar level to the piano (Grade 3 level AMEB).

All in all I was pleased with the quality of these arrangements and look forward to assigning these to my students.

It is exciting that such a book has been published to allow a piano player and cellist to collaborate at an early level, performing pieces they can truly engage with.”

With their clever and inspiring takes on popular music and creative videos, The Piano Guys serve up an eclectic mix of classical, film score, rock and pop favourites that resonates with a wide variety of audiences. Play 12 of their most popular songs in these arrangements for easy piano with optional cello: All of Me • Arwen’s Vigil • Begin Again • Home • Kung Fu Piano: Cello Ascends • Moonlight • Over the Rainbow • Paradise • Rolling in the Deep • A Thousand Years • Titanium • Without You. Includes separate pull-out cello part.

127421 $29.95 (Australian RRP including GST)

Journey Through The Classics Complete

00110217FCA review by NSW piano teacher, Sharon Ellam.

Journey Through The Classics Complete With 2 CDs

Hal Leonard Piano Repertoire Elementary Through Intermediate

Compiled and Edited by Jennifer Linn 98 Essential Masterworks

What a delightful collection of ‘old faithfuls’ and several pleasant surprises!

My first delight was the pretty paper inside! With an artistic, yellowed, aged look, big note format, clear sections with increasing difficulty, well packaged CDs, a brief musical dictionary of common terms, a page of blank large manuscript and a Repertoire Performance Log inside the back cover, this book is visually and functionally appealing.

This compilation would be my ‘no brainer’ recommendation as a purchase for any young piano teacher needing some inspiration with young students, and students (adult or child) who are looking for one volume that enables a progressive journey through the classics with clearly identifiable goals.

This Collection combines four ‘Journey Through The Classics’ Books – Elementary, Late Elementary, Early Intermediate and Intermediate – beginning with pieces at P Plate Piano level progressing through to about 4th Grade level.

I have to put my hand up for pouncing on suitable 40 Piece Challenge pieces such as The Pennywhistle by Gottlob Turk and Gurlitt’s Little Bird Op. 117 No. 7. Four clear sections (Books 1 – 4) begin with a Reference Chart identifying the CD track number, Title, Composer, Era, Key, Meter and Challenge Elements.

The Challenge Elements clearly identify the progression of musical elements to be mastered in each piece.

The corresponding CD tracks, with quality solo recordings by Jennifer Linn (I was impressed by the clarity of the recordings in terms of articulation and colour), are masterful in their simplicity.

I sat all night listening to the CDs whilst following the music & couldn’t get enough (and that was after two days of sitting at the piano ‘tinkling’ to my heart’s delight)!


Shepherd’s Flute by Tat’iana Salutrinskaya

Bourree in D Minor by Graupne

Trumpet Tune by Duncombe

Waltz by Vogel

Arabian Air by Le Couppey

Morning Prayer Op. 101, No. 2 by Gurlitt

Tarantella Op. 14, No. 8 by Lynes

Church Bells by Camidge

Sad at Heart Op. 47, No. 5 by Fuchs

Sarabande by Pachelbel

Distant Bells Op. 63, No. 6 by Steabbog

The Bear by Rebikoff

Theme and Variation Op. 228 by Gurlitt

Tolling Bell Op. 125, No. 8 by Heller

The Limpid Stream Op. 100, No 7 by Burgmuller

Quiet Morning by Maykapar

Old French Song Op. 39, No 16  by Tchaikovsky

Sonatina in A Minor by Benda

By the Spring Op. 101, No. 5 by Gurlitt

The Avalanche Op. 45, No. 2 by Heller

The Storm Op. 109, No. 13 by Burgmuller

Challenge feedback from the United States


US Piano Teacher, Crystal from Wilton, Iowa writes:

I started the 40 piece challenge in September after our summer recital.  It’s been a hit with my students for lots of reasons!  They like that they can accomplish something fairly quickly.  They get introduced to lots of music.  And since we are writing all their titles and composers down, they can see their progress in writing!

I like the program for additional reasons like I can introduce an easy version of a classic that they would otherwise show no interest.  I see excitement when they add another song to their list.  And I think it emphasizes the importance of  reaching for a goal.  The hidden success is that they are playing more pieces and developing more confidence.

I am half way through the year.   I will probably have all level certificates come September.  It will be an exciting accomplishment!

How is the challenge going in your studio this year?

2015 Certificates are now available to download here.

The 40 Thing Challenge

We love how teachers around the world are taking the idea of the 40 Piece Challenge and making it their own!

Sydney Piano Teacher, Samantha Coates writes about how the 40 Piece Challenge has morphed for her into the 40-Thing Challenge.


Samantha explores the question of what constitutes a piece and how to avoid neglecting important things like composition, improvisation, general knowledge, aural skills, technical work, transposition and theory in favour of learning as many pieces as possible.

You can read all about how Samantha is structuring the challenge in her studio by clicking here.

Samantha will be presenting at the Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference in July in Melbourne. Not to be missed!



Featuring a collection of accessible arrangements of 17-year-old Lorde’s debut album Pure Heroine, this book is perfect for teenage pianists who are in need of some fresh material (or extra motivation) in their piano practice.

The lyrics are fresh and relevant to high school students, while fingering suggestions help to make learning a breeze.

Repeats, dal segno and coda sections are clearly marked, with the layout in general uncluttered and easy-to-follow.

Chord symbols range from basic root position (i.e. C, G, Am) through to suspensions and 7th chords – a great opportunity to extend understanding of pop music through harmonic analysis.

The album is ideal for ‘jamming’ with friends during the lunch break and is sure to be a huge hit… 4 stars!

Thanks to Toowoomba piano teacher Courtney Feldman for this review.

Item code is 127822. This book is available from your favourite music retail store.



A book well suited to teenage students needing a ‘pop injection’ in their repertoire list.

Featuring acoustic, ‘stripped back’, arrangements of Sandé’s 2012 album Our Version of Events (with bonus track Read All About It which was featured at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games), the collection would be ideal to impress in school music performances.

Rhythms vary from basic crotchets and minims through to more complex syncopated and semiquaver passages (imitating the vocal runs of the original recording).

Chord symbols and fingering are included, allowing for logical reading and fast-tracked learning.

This one’s sure to be a favourite… 4 stars!

Thanks to Toowoomba piano teacher Courtney Feldman for this review.

Item code is 123798. This book is available from your favourite music retail store.



A fabulous collection of Broadway hits from old favourite and modern musicals alike including Annie, Mary Poppins, Oliver, My Fair Lady and South Pacific, sure to keep pianists of all ages entertained!

Fingering suggestions are provided throughout along with chord symbols and easy-to-follow lyrics.

The music is uncluttered and clearly set out, allowing for easy reading. No bar numbers are marked, but repeats, dal segno and coda sections are clearly shown.

Some pieces will require careful attention, particularly those with ‘instrumental’ like passages between sections, but would be perfect for Eisteddfodau or concerts once performance ready.

Primary aged students will enjoy energetic selections like Consider Yourself, Part of Your World and A Spoonful of Sugar while older students (and adult learners) may prefer to revisit old favourites like Dites Moi, Getting to Know You and Wouldn’t it Be Loverly.

Use of pedal is suggested, but no specific indications are included, so the album may be better learnt (and enjoyed) with teacher guidance.

A fun and challenging resource… 5 stars!

Thanks to Toowoomba piano teacher Courtney Feldman for this review.

Item code is 124316. This book is available from your favourite music retail store.


00128204FCThis book offers a great collection of chart topping pop and movie hits – with everyone’s favourite song of the moment… LET IT GO (OOOO) *cue theatrical vocal rendition*!

As the most accessible piece of the folio, Dark Horse could be introduced to grade 1 students, with the remaining selections used as motivation to achieve good exam results (starting on the funky Grade 2 pieces just in time for the Christmas holidays!)

The arrangement of Happy is my pick of the bunch, cleverly swapping the melodic line between right and left hand to imitate the solo and echo voices featured in the original (i.e. start of the chorus, bar 18).

Much of the remaining left hand work provides a stable percussive beat to ‘keep toes tapping’!

On a lighter note, this book is ideal for teachers and parents who really can’t bear the thought of more than one Frozen song on the practice list!

The 8 page long arrangement of Let It Go will keep developing pianists entertained for a while and pays homage to the original recording!

Although some passages will require careful fingering and attention, generally, the pieces sound more difficult than they actually are – great for end of year concerts to impress!

A great all rounder… 4 stars!

Thanks to Toowoomba piano teacher Courtney Feldman for this review.

Item code is 128204. This book is available from your favourite music retail store.

PRISM – KATY PERRY (Easy Piano – Grade One)

00124409FCCalling all Katy Perry fans!

This book features well-written and easy arrangements of songs from the DELUXE edition of the pop diva’s 2013 album ‘Prism’.

The page layout is crisp, fresh and easy to read – with simple key signatures and uncluttered staff spacing. Rhythmically, the songs are relatively straightforward, with only dotted rhythms, tied notes and triplets needing a special mention.

The melody is generally taken by the right hand (with left hand chordal accompaniment) and sounds true to the original, allowing students to quickly learn their favourite parts and sing along… perfect for budding singers who want to self accompany! Chord symbols range from basic root position (i.e C, G, Em) through to dominant/major/minor 7 and 9 (Birthday, Unconditionally), suspensions (Love Me), add2 (Ghost) and b5 (By The Grace of God).

Lyrics are included, but due to some suggestive content, the book may be better suited to teen-aged pianists. Whether you’re seeking to just play along with the melody, or to take a more in depth look at the the harmonic structure and form, this book is full of options for students (and their teachers!)

A perfect addition to the music library of all KP fans…. I give it 4 stars!

Thanks to Toowoomba piano teacher Courtney Feldman for this review.

Item code is 124409. This book is available from your favourite music retail store.