New from Elena Kats-Chernin


Elena Kats-Chernin has been writing piano music since she was a little girl. In Piano Village, a mixed collection of pieces of up to five minutes. There are works from intermediate level to advanced, ranging in mood, theme and texture with the warmth, energy and vivacity that her fans will have come to expect. Some titles like Autumn, Blue Tears and Zerno are more reflective, Russian Toccata and Dance of the Paper Umbrellas verge on the virtuosic, then there are works like Black Tie, Slicked Back Tango and Cocktail Rag which are best described as party pieces. The collection also includes Eliza Aria and Russian Rag, two of Elena’s greatest hits. In compiling this book, I have paid close attention to the interpretations of the composer herself, and have tried to give a detailed guide to dynamics, phrasing and articulation. Tempos are suggestions only and often include a broad range to cater for taste and ability. Pedal is to be used at the discretion of the performer. I have included some specific markings where necessary.



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First 50 songs for Piano

Piano teachers are going crazy over this new series. They’re actually the songs that people want to play when they’re in their first year or two on the piano.


There are currently six titles available for piano with the ‘Popular Songs’ being the most…popular!

Notated in an accessible easy piano format, they’re ideal to use in the 40 piece challenge to mix things up a bit!


A full list is available here

A blank certificate?

What a year it has been for 40 Piece Challenge participants! We’ve heard all kinds of fabulous feedback about how learning more music has improved the skills of participants and the happiness of teachers and parents.

We look forward to hearing more of your challenge feedback in 2016!

To download Piano challenge certificates, including a blank certificate (just add your own number!) click here.

For Instrumental teachers, you can now download certificates by clicking here.


Melbourne teacher, Josie Thomas asked her students how they felt about the challenge in 2015:

“Congratulations to the 40 piece challenge champions”

Edie, Lana, Lewis, Oriel and Megan were determined to get another 10 pieces in the last three weeks! 50 pieces and Lewis in half the time!”

Megan 50 P 1

Megan – “I can play better”

Edie 50 P 1b

Edie- “Good for my mind”

Lewis 50 P 3

Lewis- “Play really fast”

Oriel 50 P 1

Oriel- “Getting up to more pieces like Dancing with Frankenstein”


Weston – “I can play better”


Amica – newest member!