We would like to challenge YOU and ALL your students to learn 40 pieces each year!

We’d love you to share your stories as you and your students explore more repertoire than you ever thought possible.

Let the music begin!

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  1. I have a programme at Janet’s Music School, called Incentive Learning Program whereby the students take challenges to learning 40 pieces of music in the year. They will be awarded with the Certificate of Outstanding Student in Music Pieces and receive 50 house points.

  2. Great idea….. wish I’d learnt alot more repertoire as a youngster! Well I’ve got my students involved: I have a big chart on the notice-board in my studio, with each student’s name and space to start writing down pieces as they are completed. The plan is mostly easier pieces, inc a new duet each week (to be rehearsed with students having back to back lessons). I find having a longer lesson (1 hour) helps – so as we can cover repertoire but not neglect aural, technique, theory, improvisation.

  3. My students are enjoying a new sight reading piece each week. It has increased their motivation and is a great idea to keep sight reading at the forefront of the lessons.

  4. My students are all really working hard on this. One student a beginner this year has already done 40 pieces!! I am investigating into a small trophy or medal for students who get to the 40 pieces as a memoir of the achievement.

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