Challenge feedback from the United States


US Piano Teacher, Crystal from Wilton, Iowa writes:

I started the 40 piece challenge in September after our summer recital.  It’s been a hit with my students for lots of reasons!  They like that they can accomplish something fairly quickly.  They get introduced to lots of music.  And since we are writing all their titles and composers down, they can see their progress in writing!

I like the program for additional reasons like I can introduce an easy version of a classic that they would otherwise show no interest.  I see excitement when they add another song to their list.  And I think it emphasizes the importance of  reaching for a goal.  The hidden success is that they are playing more pieces and developing more confidence.

I am half way through the year.   I will probably have all level certificates come September.  It will be an exciting accomplishment!

How is the challenge going in your studio this year?

2015 Certificates are now available to download here.