Featuring a collection of accessible arrangements of 17-year-old Lorde’s debut album Pure Heroine, this book is perfect for teenage pianists who are in need of some fresh material (or extra motivation) in their piano practice.

The lyrics are fresh and relevant to high school students, while fingering suggestions help to make learning a breeze.

Repeats, dal segno and coda sections are clearly marked, with the layout in general uncluttered and easy-to-follow.

Chord symbols range from basic root position (i.e. C, G, Am) through to suspensions and 7th chords – a great opportunity to extend understanding of pop music through harmonic analysis.

The album is ideal for ‘jamming’ with friends during the lunch break and is sure to be a huge hit… 4 stars!

Thanks to Toowoomba piano teacher Courtney Feldman for this review.

Item code is 127822. This book is available from your favourite music retail store.