A fabulously current book that pianists of all ages will love to play!

Featuring accessible arrangements of five chart topping pop singles, this book would be the perfect reward for students progressing through the 40 Piece Challenge – or perhaps even as an early Christmas present for your child!

With the addition of well-considered fingering suggestions, most students could comfortably work through the book at their own pace, but may need some guidance for translating trickier chord symbols such as add4 (Say Something), minor 7, added 6 and suspensions (Story of My Life).

All repeats, dal segno and codas are clearly marked, so the lack of bar numbers shouldn’t be noticed.

The arrangements are generally capped at intervals of a sixth (and any shifts or octave jumps can be achieved with clever pedalling) – so smaller handed pianists need not worry!)

Lyrics are neatly incorporated and the layout is clear, concise and easy to read. An accessible and funky resource, good value for money… I give it 5 stars!

Thanks to Toowoomba piano teacher Courtney Feldman for this review.

Item code is 125356. This book is available from your favourite music retail store.