40 Piece Challenge Certificates 2014

Certificates for the 40 Piece Challenge are now available to download.

Click here to download either colour or black and white versions of the certificates.

This year, due to popular demand, we have created certificates for students who achieve 20, 30, 40, 50, 80 and 100 pieces of the challenge. Instrumental certificates will be available soon.


Hot chocolate motivator!

Challenge teacher Rebecca has involved her local community in helping to support and motivate her 40 Piece Challenge students.

Rebecca uses the excellent Coffee Card idea and places a sticker on the students card for each piece learned.

When her students finish 10 pieces they can redeem a free hot-chocolate or ice-cream at her local café. The café provides this free of charge (wow!!!) and it allows the student a chance to celebrate their achievement with their parents.

I wonder how could you could involve other local businesses in your studio 40 Piece Challenge?

Some other little reward ideas to help motivate students along the way…


  Lip Balm Treble Clef: VWS012 Keyboard: VWS014

Bach Bookmark VWP0176

Bach Bookmark

And something for your adult students! Bottle Opener 54660

And something for your adult students!
Bottle Opener