40 Piece Challenge welcomes Instrumental Teachers!

The 40 Piece Challenge has been such an enormous hit with piano teachers across Australia and around the world in 2013 that we thought we’d welcome on-board all Instrumental teachers to the challenge in 2014.

Instrumental teachers know that it is difficult enough to get students to take home their instruments, let alone get them do practise on a daily basis.

The 40 Piece challenge encourages students to learn around one new piece each week of the teaching year, so taking instruments home and daily practice is not only implied but mandatory!

Teachers: encourage a bit of healthy competition by putting a 40 Piece Challenge poster in your teaching studio.

Email us to let us know you are joining the challenge and which instrument/s you teach and we will send you a gift from the HUB desk to get you started.

We will publish repertoire ideas here throughout the year as well as your feedback and ideas.

Throughout the year we would love to hear how the challenge is working out for you.