How the Challenge has helped James

James is a child who really struggled to read music.  He is very aural and didn’t want to look at music which was a big frustration for his teacher.

James was the reason why his teacher ended up purchasing a digital piano with a recording/USB function, so she could record his pieces for him to listen to at home.

As you can imagine, James’ progress was quite slow.

The 40 Piece Challenge has really inspired James. He is loving it and is really motivated by the competition and reward aspect of the challenge, which his teacher has set up within her studio space.

The challenge has:

  • Facilitated greater self learning opportunities and accountability for his own learning, as the weekly challenges are levelled at his skills and abilities enabling him to work alone to learn and play pieces
  • Provided a forum for James to ‘learn’ key practice strategies (which he usually ignores! but non-the-less!!)
  • Provided a very personalised repertoire able to be tailored to teach specific skills; build strengths and focus on weaknesses
  • Created an incentive to learn pieces faster
  • Reinforced the idea that no matter how good you are, every piano player goes through a process to learn and play new pieces

James’ teacher is happy to report that he is now way ahead of everyone as the leader of the 40 Piece Challenge in her piano studio!