Assorted Fairies by Sonny Chua


Assorted Fairies is a unique collection in that it contains pieces graded from Grade 1 to about Grade 6 level, by one of Australia’s favourite composers: Sonny Chua.


The beauty of this collection; while being full of amusing melodies, catchy rhythms, thoughtful colours and subtle references to childhood songs, is it will be a book that students will dip into year after year as they progress with their piano studies, making it ideal 40 Piece Challenge material.

Many of the pieces are on the syllabus for exam boards including AMEB, St Cecilia, ANZCA and others. As well as being delightful concert repertoire for any young musician, this collection will provide lots of great extra list material.

Assorted Fairies Contents:

Twinkling Fairy

Flapping Fairy

Dizzy Fairy

Cuckoo Fairy

Lonley Fairy

Dripping Fairy

Slimy Fairy

Funky Fairy

Morning Fairy

Hysterical Fairy

Airy Fairy

Jiggling Fairy

Nagging Fairy

Fishy Fairy

Twirling Fairy

Assorted Fairies is available from all good Australian and New Zealand music stores.