The numbers game

The 40 Piece Challenge started because we were inspired by a number of piano teachers who talked about and wrote about the idea of teaching a lot of pieces.

Elissa Milne wrote about her 100 piece medal in the Surprising Power of Quantity.

Tim Topham wrote about how his student Ben went from a beginner to Grade Two in 10 Months when he learned 75 Pieces in One Year.

Samantha Coates wrote about learning 50 pieces in a year

Regardless of whether your students are learning 20 pieces per year or 100 pieces each year, the benefits appear to be overwhelmingly positive.

Better sightreading, students are eager to learn more music and are coming to their lessons prepared, better exam results, improved skill and coordination and more confidence.

Don’t get too hung up on the numbers game – just enjoy the improvement in your students and your teaching studio!