Loving the Challenge in NSW

We love reading feedback from teachers about how the challenge is working for them. Piano and violin teacher, Lorraine, recently wrote to tell us this:

I love the challenge. I have at least 7 who have already completed the challenge and I’ve moved them up to the 100 piece challenge which they are happy to do.

I have made a list of my top 10 students and they have been working hard competing with each other in terms of completing the most pieces.

I have a violin student that just started with me middle of term 1 – he struggled for the 1st month of learning. But since then he’s been crossing off piece after piece. He has now completed 85 songs since March and I’m very happy about that.

As for my other students who have completed the challenge (mainly piano and violin), their sight reading has improved and they are eager to learn more music and get new books which is the first time I’ve experienced this!