50 Songs for Children…heading to Tasmania



I am a music teacher in Launceston, Tasmania and my 30 piano students have taken up the challenge. After seeing Elissa Milne in Melbourne we have been doing this for a while. We have a wall chart up and students get to put a sticker up on the chart when they finish their piece. They also get a small prize at the end of the year for all students who finish – some did lots more!!!

This is a wonderful challenge and the idea has completely changed the way I teach. Students’ sight reading has vastly improved and their practice is something I don’t even need to check up on any more.

Sandra – Tasmania

To thank Sandra for her feedback about the challenge, we have sent her a copy of the brand new book 50 Songs for Children. We hope it provides even more fodder for her challenge students!

One thought on “50 Songs for Children…heading to Tasmania

  1. I am a teacher in Perth, Western Australia, and we often feel a little isolated here out West – as being left out of things – I have a very enthusiastic 70plus lady pianist who already has 10 pieces completed and entered onto her spreadsheet. She has set her goal for 40 pieces for 2013 and GETTING HER PHOTO WITH ME IN THE MAGAZINE – so watch out young pianists – HERE WE COME! She says she has to aspire to great things! Today she requested more “meatier” piano pieces and I have pulled out some Elissa Milne Pepper Box suggestions for her. Any suggestions from “Over East”?

    Christina – Western Australia

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