Not only practicing but they are practicing properly!

WOW! Just had this update from challenge teacher Lorraine. I am sure you will be just as impressed as I am – especially love the last line. Thanks for sharing, Lorraine.

Keep those stories coming everyone!

Just to update you that I have about 95% of my students who has committed in trying out the challenge. Most of my students that hardly practice in the past now come to lesson prepared and are enjoying playing their instrument more. They are amazed at how far they can go with putting that extra effort in their practice which makes them practice even more. They are not only practicing but they are practicing properly. All of my student’s parents are on board of this challenge and acknowledge the tremendous change in their child’s playing.

One thought on “Not only practicing but they are practicing properly!

  1. My students are being a little slow in taking on the Challenge. Perhaps Melbourne’s heat is slowing them down!
    I think they will pick up once they see stickers going on the progress chart and some competitive instincts kick in. Many of them have many other challenges to accommodate – VCE study, a school talent quest, recording pieces to CD for school music assessment and on it goes! I’ve told them I still want them to aim for 40 pieces, but the standard of piece can be lowered to make it achievable.

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