3 thoughts on “Welcome to the 40 Piece Challenge

  1. I love the enthusiasm for reading that this idea has generated amongst my students – although we nearly had an accident when one little one rushed in and tripped over in her eagerness to show off her new piece!

  2. all my students have been very positive so far – once they found out that the pieces would be carefully chosen not to be too difficult. it has opened up a chance to really hone in on the sight reading, i have a chart on display to encourage motivation. a few students have discovered they really like a few of the pieces they have played so far and have asked to play them at the end of year concert!

  3. We are leading up to our mid year concert and my students can choose from any pieces they like but I will be encouraging the boogie, blues, rag, jazz themed ones we have included so far in the 40 piece challenge. i have used levels 1, 2 & 3 of the Pop Piano Styles books by Bastien. These 3 books allow all ability levels from 6 – 12 month beginners through to grade one piano to play an appropriate piece, either a sight reading or a more challenging one which they want to perfect before mid year.

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